Personality Development

Challenge of Change!

Exclusive One2One Coaching Program for Personal Effectiveness

LifeCoachingPersonality Development    
Here's what you'll discover...

  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Apply Your Strengths
  • Improve Self Confidence
  • Learn Leadership / Interpersonal Skills to succeed at Work / Profession
  • Know Success
  • ...from Professional with 29+ years of experience leading teams to success.

Exclusive One2One Coaching Sesions @ Multiple Locations in Bangalore.

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Executive Coaching

Client Feedback:

" Prasad is a very knowledgeable coach who helped me immensely in realizing the mistakes that I was making in career.  His guidance was quite valuable during my transition to a role that was completely new to me.

He guided me in setting high performance standards for my direct reports and also in improving interactions with my manager.

He also improved my awareness around what my manager was expecting out of my role. After each session, I gained more confidence in facing the challenges at work.

In short, the coaching was very effective and I would recommend him for anyone who is facing performance or interpersonal problems at workplace.  "

Geetha K.

Senior Manager with a Software MNC                                 More Testimonials!!!

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Challenge of Change!

Exclusive One2One Coaching Program for Personal Effectiveness

Personality Profiling & Personal Coaching Program


Personality Profiling (Using International Personality Profiling tools) and in depth discussion of the strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas,

Intensive and extensive analysis to facilitate deeper understanding of the client needs and imparting practical knowledge with specific action steps for personality development

Unique, One to One process to give the client best possible interaction with senior consultants who give undivided attention at each meeting / session that enables all round personality development

Use of NLP techniques for overcoming fears/phobias and fast behaviour change

Programme led by mentors with 29+ years of Industry / Business experience,
leading teams to success and helping people achieve their goals

Participants can expect to find their unique strengths and learn how to use them for achieving maximum success.

What can one learn, practise through this programme?

Time management                                            Interpersonal skills

Effective Leadership skills                               Focus on work

Arrive at the right Objectives / Goals               Persuasion skills

Presentation / Public Speaking skills               To earn respect of                                                                                                         colleagues / bosses

Self confidence                                               To improve Self Esteem                                              

To receive the Prospectus, email: :      Call: 9482505565

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